Cruises offer the best of all worlds for group travel: cruise packages appeal to guests of all ages, offer various levels and types of activity, and allow people with different budgets to still vacation together. Cruise planning is made easy with the experts at Group Cruise Getaways; we will ensure your group is enjoying one place, everyone can set their own agenda, there's no need for a strategic planning meeting just to choose the restaurant for dinner. 

The Basics For Planning Your Groups Cruise

SELECT GROUP LEADERSHIP- Sometimes this leader is self-appointed, perhaps the person who came up with the idea of going on the cruise in the first place. Other times, the group travel planners appoint a highly organized and willing volunteer to make executive decisions, communicate with the group and enforce deadlines.
PLAN AHEAD… WAY AHEAD-  It is often a feat to secure many adjacent cabins, group dining space, and adequate airline seats; the more advance planning that is available, the smoother the sailing. It is not unusual to beginning 15-18 months in advance for large organizations, 12-15 months for medium size groups, and 8-12 months for smaller  groups.
GET EXCITED AND SHARE- The more the merrier; enthusiasm is contagious!  Share your plans and invite others to join in on the getaway. We can help with delivering small marketing pieces and emails you can forward with all the details.
PLAN TO HAVE FUN!-  It is your vacation, as well as a group getaway; plan some time to do what interests you. Sleep in, stay out late, try something new, dress to the hilt… whatever gets you giggling!  If a bunch of those in your group are planning to do the same excursion, book the activity in advance. If free days are available, let all members know they are own their own to relax their way.

HIRE AN EXPERT AGENT- It is beneficial to work with one dedicated person and establish a relationship. If you book online, you can call the cruise seller, but you might talk to different representatives each time. Travel Agents often have access to approved perks and know what amenities are available to groups. Depending on the number of people in your party, you could get some onboard credits, photo credits, complimentary cocktail parties, exclusive shore excursions or private meeting spaces.

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We practice what we preach; at our intense Group Cruise Specialist Mastermind Training aboard the Anthem of the Seas; a week of fun, think-tank style events, including workshops , project analysis, mentorship and networking with colleagues.  These are the elite graduates and students of the incredible Captain Lou Edwards. 

We are experts in planning group cruises and will be your partner in delivering and amazing event at sea for your group or organization.

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Great bargain with lots of options- Highly inclusive cruises deliver low-cost luxury, and bigger groups save and earn more benefits too. From big birthday bashes, class reunions, weddings-at-sea to symposiums and workshops; having all guests contained in such a unique venue, increases excitement, interaction, participation and lasting memories.

Highest levels of satisfaction- Travel trade reports show that cruising has the highest level of guest satisfaction across all forms of vacation options. The ease of travel, quality of service, safety concerns and overall experience have cruise guests returning at levels of 85% or more year over year. If you are looking for a convenient, safe, flexible and highly satisfying travel program, cruising is a perfect option for turning basic vacations into a sensational, once-in-a lifetime experiences! 

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extraordinary events at sea; How To PITCH, Plan and Profit 

Authored by

Cruisy Susie Conger & Capatain Lou Edwards