extraordinary events at sea; How To PITCH, Plan and Profit 

Authored by

Cruisy Susie Conger & Capatain Lou Edwards

Group Cruise Getaways Group Cruise Packages


Standard Package Features- Our Expert Group Travel agents handle everything from initial consultation on cruise itinerary selection, ideas and assistance with marketing plans, complimentary registration website, guests secured payment applications and contract details, independent air and transfer reservation processing, oversight of any necessary pre or post-cruise travel packages stay arrangements, accurate final document preparation and mail, promotional sailaway gift  bags and post travel advocacy.


ALL ABOARD PACKAGE-   Our most basic plan; packed with the essential tasks to easily plan and execute a fantastic group cruise experience without all the hassles of doing it yourself! The best part… there is ZERO cost to you! Our experts will secure the greatest amenities and stateroom values available for the cruise itinerary you decide upon; we are paid post-travel from the cruise-lines in the form of commissioned payment. This plan is best for family groups, girlfriend getaways, birthday bashes and smaller groups of 10-50 passengers. Stateroom accommodations can vary from 2 to 4 guests each, all categories, room specs and decks available on first come first served basis. Individual or group airfare is available as needed, travel protection insurance, pre-cruise hotel and transfers will be optional for most cruises, both standard cruise line and agency cancellation fees will apply to individual bookings. 

BON VOYAGE PACKAGE- Our most popular plan, perfect for social groups, churches, reunions, workshops and themed sailings!  Designed for groups of 40-300 guests, we build upon all of the standard features listed, then add even more value with premium cocktail parties, special stateroom treats, pre-arranged group excursion options, extra marketing efforts, and a customized welcome aboard gift. This plan is packaged to be "un-comparable" with exclusive value adds and may include special events or private meetings in reserved ship venues. Group Leadership or event planner may opt to include added charges or profit centers to the base package pricing for special ticketed events, workshops, or seminar fees.  Preferred staterooms are generally available with double occupancy only.  A non-refundable flat service fee of $500-1500, depending on group specifics, is required within 30 days of group blocked space, amount determined prior to contracting.  
Complimentary On-board Host is available for groups over 100 Guests.

CONCIERGE CRUISE PACKAGE-  This premium plan is well suited for large groups of 250 up to 1,200 guests or groups that need a great deal exclusivity and added on-board services, such as seminars, workshops or contest based cruises. Packaged with the standard group features, this category also receives extended marketing plans, and a fully Hosted Expert will be available on-board at all times. The Host Expert will ensure full concierge attention of guests needs and complete program coordination with shipboard personnel. Group Leadership may opt to include added charges to the base cruise pricing for special ticketed events, concerts, or seminar fees.   A non-refundable contract service fee in range of $1000-2500 is required at signing; in addition a non-refundable, booking fee of $50 per stateroom is required at time of individual bookings, and all bookings require minimal insurance coverage.