extraordinary events at sea; How To PITCH, Plan and Profit 

Authored by

Cruisy Susie Conger & Capatain Lou Edwards

Group Cruises Are An Extraordinary Value

Group Cruise Benefits May Include:

BLOCKED SPACE-  securing great pricing, ideal stateroom locations, onboard credit offers, bonus amenities and layaway terms

SWAG and GIFTS-  think chocolate candies, fruits and champagne upon arrival, travel totes, lanyards, t-shirts and more

PRIVATE PARTIES- Welcome aboard meetups, themed parties, Captain greetings, music and complimentary special events

EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES- unique for your group;  like premium shore excursions, private dining or team building programs

EARNED INCENTIVES- free cabin space, specialty events, increased  guest credits, on-board promos or charitable donations

CONCIERGE HOSTS- trips are fully escorted by Group Experts, overseeing daily activities and handling the needs of guests

PROFIT POTENTIAL- added event fees, curriculum sales, coaching memberships may be promoted to your audience

​​Group Cruises Are  Extraordinary Values!

Cruise Groups Are Highly Inclusive; they can be  megatons of fun and  are ideal for most any genre of passenger.  Experience multiple exotic destinations from a clean and safe, highly sophisticated, floating hotel that provides impeccable service, a variety of fine dining and entertainment for all... delivered at one base package price.

Group Cruise Packages Get Valuable Amenities, our cruise experts will be able to secure blocked pricing, acquire maximum amenities, and ensure the  selected cruise-ship and itinerary is suitable for anticipated ages and abilities of group. Group sizes can range from just 10 friends to over 1,000 fans!  Leaders can earn credits for more fun gifts, events or free cabins when 8 or more guests are booked; the more you book, the more you earn!

It's Easy To Get Started... We will gladly be your groups Guest Speaker, customize a website for your group, plan a great marketing strategy, and manage all of the reservation procedures; plus our Layaway Plans work well with group cruisers.  Let's begin creating and planning to get your group ready to take sail!